Our new trend-setting orbital milling technology with 5+1 simultaneously operating axes guarantees the optimal working angle for each milling tool. It means milling is possible at any conceivable work piece position. Even undercuts and diverging abutments are processed safely and speedily.


Our simultaneous 5+1 axes milling technology, compared to '4+1 axes" systems, allows for the work piece to be swivelled in all directions like a ball. Conventional 4+1 systems merely follow a predefined path of movement which cannot be altered.

Contrary to basic mathematics, 4+1 axes do NOT equal 5 axes in milling technology!

Implementation of the most diverse implant by Zirkonzahn®

Yong Dental Laboratory are the first one using Zirkonzahn® M5 Machine and system in Northern Region Malaysia for implant prosthesis.

All of the components required for the scanning, construction and milling of the restorations are made by us. We are the process owners and have the well-grounded knowledge of the materials we use, of their characteristics and of any interference. This is why we can guarantee, not only constantly high quality, but also the development of new technologies.

Currently there are over 100 different implant systems on the market and we continue to upgrade our software with new systems and to update them.

Full Porcelain by Zirconia

Unlike other labs, Yong Dental Laboratory provided full arch zirconia by Zirkonzahn® machine. Zirkonzahn® is the ONLY company in the world with an entire system designed for full arch zirconia. They were the first, so don't be fooled by unproven imitations.

A zirconia full-coverage crown without veneering dental porcelain was recently released (Zirkonzahn prettau; Zirkonzahn GmbH, Bruneck, Italy). The zirconia full-coverage crown without veneering dental porcelain has advantages in that no dental porcelain is fractured due to the absence of an upper structure in it, and more strength can be obtained even in the case of less abutment removal using zirconia with strong hardness to manufacture the crown, compared to previous all-ceramic crowns. On the other hand, the zirconia fullcoverage crown has the disadvantage of the abrasion of the opposing natural tooth upon the formation of the occlusal surface with zirconia. No study on the abrasion of the antagonistic natural tooth by zirconia has been conducted so far, though.

Designed and milled using CAD/CAM technology, BruxZir Solid Zirconia is sintered for 2 hours at 1,530 degrees Celsius to achieve optimum strength. The final BruxZir crown or bridge is then stained and glazed to a smooth surface. BruxZir Solid Zirconia crowns & bridges are backed by Yong Dental Laboratory five-year free replacement warranty.

Full Porcelain by e-Max®

Yong Dental Laboratory provided IPS e.max® is made of monolithic lithium disilicate ceramic and delivers outstanding esthetics and precision fit. An affordable alternative to PFMs and zirconia-based restorations, IPS e.max can be pressed or milled using Enhanced CEREC® software and the Sirona inLab® MC XL milling machine.

Prescribe IPS e.max to achieve optimal esthetics, virtually perfect contacts and occlusion, and impressive strength. Its unique lithium disilicate ceramic provides flexural strength of 360-400 MPa, making it the ideal high-strength solution for single-unit anterior or posterior crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, screw-retained implant crowns, 3-unit anterior bridges or restorations with minimum preparation dimensions.

Conventionally cement using resin ionomer cements or bond for maximum retention on nonretentive preparations. Lithium disilicate ceramic is biocompatible and provides more than double the flexural strength of IPS Empress® Esthetic.

Porcelain Fused Bonded to Metal

Can be fitted to a damaged tooth, replacing the damaged portion and strengthening the remaining tooth.

Full Metal Crown

The classic metal crown is one made of gold, or more precisely, a gold alloy. Actually, there are a number of different types of alloys that can be used for crown fabrication.

Type of Alloy

3 basic types of dental alloys that can be used. They are: high noble, semiprecious, and nonprecious. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, including: cost, insurance plan coverage, color, as well as general physical properties.

Denture Services

We offer several types of partial dentures - cast metal, flexible and acrylic. The cast metal and flexible partials are our best partials.

Inlay / Onlay & Post Core

Dental inlays and onlays are the same kind of restoration, but they cover different proportions of the tooth. A dental inlay fills the space in between the cusps, or rounded edges, at the center of the tooth's surface.

Repairing Services

Some of clients do not replacement new teeth when they damaged teeth again, so we always welcome to repairing severely damaged teeth.

Replacement Services

Daily wear-and-tear on clients teeth can cause them to weaken or become damaged or discoloured. But no worry about it, We have warranty you five years replacement to make sure the quality.

Direct Delivery Services

Our delivery services team have pick up job directly to your delivery point every working days, our team are cover Northern Region Malaysia.

Courier Delivery

Even your delivery point is out of Northern Region Malaysia that we cannot pick up job directly, we also can provided courier services to you for every working days.