About Us

About Yong Dental Laboratory

Yong Dental Laboratory is a dental laboratory with a strong emphasis on individual and professional approach to each patient. With more than 30 years in the industry, we seek to provide our clients with the latest in advanced dental technology that extends the scope of dental care. Our goal is to help dentists continue to enhance their practices with excellent value and quality dental laboratory work.

We view our relationship with each customer as a partnership and since we are firmly established, we pride ourselves in giving you outstanding service and the best value for your dental laboratory dollar

Our Mission And Target

We create the perfect smile by first hiring the best craftspeople in Malaysia. People who passionately and painstakingly hand-sculpt new teeth individually for your patients.

We obsessively study the form, color and shade to make their teeth even better than the originals. We work with the most innovative technology and the best materials so that each tooth is not just beautiful, but the best possible tooth available.

Why? Because we know that this isn’t just about teeth, it’s about giving people their smile back.

World Class Production

Yong Dental Laboratory uses fully ZirkonZahn machine to ensure best quality production with best material , zirconia.

With a correct dental construction, zirconia dental restorations are an investment for life. Due to the extreme hardness and high density of the material, it can withstand the heaviest biting force within all the mouth areas, besides it does not wear off and so its colour remains unchanged.